About Christina

Author Christina Smith

Christina Smith is a female warrior who’s been to battle and has the scars, stories, and successes to prove it!  She knows what it’s like to be in the trenches of despair, the gloom of the abyss, heartbroken, injured, defeated and hopeless, to ultimately emerge determined, persistent and victorious.  Christina is one of the world’s pioneers in women’s bobsleigh and Canada’s premier bobsleigh driver to compete at the inaugural Olympic Winter Games in 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. A native Quebecer, she currently resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Formally retired from World Class sports, she is a two-time author, speaker and avid world traveler having been to 50 countries and counting.  She is a networking guru and social capital specialist (otherwise known as a master connector and relationship curator).  Christina is a positive visionary, big-picture creative thinker, change agent and lives from her core values of love, respect and to serve the greater good.  She is intuitive and values innate emotional intelligence.  She loves creating community via social gatherings and hosting workshops in order to give what women want, so they get what they need. 

Christina has spent her life cultivating the critical soft skill tools and mindsets to enable her to create a bold, brave, self-directed life, rooted in kindness, compassion, and success.  Despite her Olympic and World Class achievements, she believes that we all have equal power when aligning heart, engagement and being, differentiating solely by the choice to take action.  

Christina is an avid public speaker, former television and radio media personality who does not claim to have all the answers.  She will shed light on opportunities that exist despite the circumstances in life and share with you how she has maneuvered the course of time. 

Christina is a perpetual student, multilingual and a 2016 academic scholar from the Russian International Olympic University, Sochi, Russia, achieving a master’s degree in Sports Administration, and a post-graduate of Olympic studies in 2017 from the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece.  Christina is a passionate holistic health advocate and educator for Concussion and Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).